Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good intro to MSBuild

Brennan wrote a nice little tutorial on MSBuild over on his blog. It'll be especially useful to you if you've never used ant or Nant before. There's also some good quick starts over at the Channel 9 wiki.

I have a fetish for making build scripts. Considering how plebeian the task is, I enjoy it way more than I ought to. I ran into Brennan's post hunting around for good stuff on Foundation Server's build stuff.

Foundation Server looks awesome. I don't quite understand why Microsoft is trying to make money off of it, but they're being quite clever about it. You can download a 90 day trial from here. And then you're just a checkbook away from turning your trial version into a production version.

We are likely falling for it. :)

Strange things coming from Microsoft these days. MSBuild (and Studio's total integration with MSBuild) is just a slam dunk, but very un-Microsoft of them. And then trying to make money off of VSTS and Foundation Server (you can't download it as part of the not-so-universal-anymore MSDN subscription). I would think the mindshare they'd own by giving it away would be worth more dollars than they're going to get for licensing. Or maybe they're just so confident in their monopoly these days that they figure they might as well start charging for more stuff. Hmm...