Friday, January 05, 2007

Horrifying thing I just overheard at work.

I'm being arrogant as all hell... but I'm posting it anyway.

Dev1: "This is how they do multiple inheritance in C#. Interfaces."
Dev2: "Aaah."

Apparently Dev1 and Dev2 are C++ guys. And only C++ guys.

I have a rant in me about the importance of being multi-language and multi-platform literate. And this is perfect grist for that mill, but it more makes me think about the social and non-technical difficulties of coming up with a good design when you're part of a team that isn't really at the level to understand, implement, or take advantage of that design.

And I'm not talking about overly-elaborate designs that turn into frameworks that turn into solutions looking for a problem. I can explain dependency injection to someone, for example, but if they don't get it and understand why and when it is a good idea, then I'm pretty tied down in the kind of design I can put into our project.